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 I was born in Southern California and grew up in the mill and logging towns of the Pacific Northwest. For the past decade I have lived in San diego, California. A camera has been a constant companion since the mid 1950's. I hope you find something to enjoy in my photographs, books and other creations.
gene wild

A collection of poems and thoughts written by a young man during the 1960's and 1970's; tempered by time, edited and published by the same man in a new millennium. Wild Things is now available for your enjoyment.

 These stories by my friend Bob Gibson take place from the mid 1930's into the 1960's. The locations of these adventures range from the Barrens of Northern Canada to the jungles of Central America and from the Alaskan Fisheries to the San Francisco Zoo. They show a world few of us can imagine, even when it is in our own back yard. You will enjoy Miskito

 King and queen of pelicans we...so said Edward Lear in "The Pelican Chorus". Here is a small chorus of pelican photographs. If you like these magnificant birds you are sure to enjoy Pelicans by gene wild.


 A collection of photographs, drawings and short "sketches" that capture San Diego from a newcomers point of view. San Diego Sketches will delight visitors, potential visitors and San Diego old timers.

 This hard bound book contains thirty-three photographs that are unique to San Diego. San Diego Images is a great gift or table top book for yourself or friends.

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